Mediation Support

AsGa Sistemas’ Mediation Support solution aims to improve the operating performance and common mediation systems results without replacing them, but complementing them and enabling greater control and a better data visualization and analysis. The solution may apply, for example, safe and simple filters on the xDRs volume, before submitting them to Mediation System, reducing the volume of processes and the costs related.

Main benefits:

- Significant decrease of xDRs collection points compared to traditional systems

- Single xDRs validation point

- xDRs filtering not relevant for billing

- Application of business rules

- Visualization of xDRs rejected by critics and reinsertion capability

- Adequacy of xDRs format/normalization

- Web Management Interface

Products and/or services comprised in this solution:


saga | xDR Explorer saga Services | Platform Operation saga Services | Telecom Analysis saga | Analytical Pre-Mediator