Revenue Assurance

AsGa Sistemas’ Revenue Assurance Solution

AsGa Sistemas’ Revenue Assurance solution is based on the scenario analysis to execute xDRsmatching in any point of the revenue chain, covering billing, interconnection and roaming so as to ensure nodes closure (Input = Output + Rejected), identifying inconsistences, omissions and errors of unauthorized records disposal. In particular, it is highlighted the validation process of first flow point, before mediation, by comparative analysis among xDRs based on signals (which reflect the effective use of the network), and records submitted to flow of IT processing for billing. AsGa Sistemas’ solution is based on high-power algorithms to compare great volume of data records. As we know, such comparison is not trivial, as the goal is to associate records related to the same call or network transaction, despite of literal differences among fields.

It is also applied to check the synchronism between clients registration and service setting in the network or billing registration, closing the circuit of necessary inputs for Revenue Assurance.

Main benefits:

  • Information collection from the network or external xDRs database, client and billing information.
  • Counting and comparison of the information collected
  • Alarms by applying rules with parameters by users
  • Providing of management reports by product or service
  • Synchronism between Clients Registration and Customer Service in relation to service configuration in the network or Billing Registration
  • Integrity of Use Registration Flow (xDRs)
  • Interface with Legacy Systems (xDRs, Billing and Registration)
  • Powerful xDRs reconciliation algorithm
  • Support to several xDRs formats and easy introduction of new formats

Products and/or services comprised in this solution:

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