Revenue Key Performance Indicators

Revenue Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Management Solution

The Revenue KPI management solution aims to provide an overview of the carrier revenue chain.

The solution works with statistic forecast tools of revenue traffic, using control limits to assist in identifying possible failures related to mediation traffic and billing, enabling the carrier to control the operational events affecting the revenue. Acting fast to identify deviations, the solution enables immediate corrective action due to the correlation between operational events and revenue, providing an executive panel of operational indicators.

Main benefits:

  • Single database with all traffic types required to generate forecasts and enable monitoring
  • Flexibility and speed to develop forecasts for final users
  • Customization of forecast models, with or without the historical series variables and events the user finds important to improve assertiveness
  • Easily viewable executive panel of financial and operation indicators
  • Online calculation of performance indicators
  • Indicators’ customization
  • System of intelligent alarms
  • Online data analysis
  • Scope of several types of technology/network
  • Flexibility for new adequacies/customizations
  • Web access

Products and/or services comprised in this solution:

saga | Enterprise saga Services | Platform Operation