Billing Solutions

AsGa Sistemas’ signaling-based billing records system is known as a completely reliable, fast and high available solution to replace the traditional billing record processes related to regular MSC billing. Working on the signaling level, with standardized protocols, the system has a great advantage of extremely efficient implementation, when new equipment and new technologies are incorporated to the network.

This solution operates by gathering signaling data which, for the SS#7 protocol, may be performed in two ways: from the Signal Transfer Points (STP) or from the signaling links between the switching equipment (SSPs) and the signal transfer points by using non-intrusive probes. After receiving such data in the signal messages known as MSU (Message Signalling Unit), the system creates CDRs (Call Detail Records) and performs the pre-mediation steps and call selection according to the criteria set forth by the carrier, formatting and submission of data to mediation processes. For IP protocols, signaling data may be obtained by network port mirroing techniques.

CDRs (or xDRs) arisen out the integration of MSUs collected in the network are transmitted to high-capacity central servers for double treatment and application of consistency rules or others set forth by users, and for generation of database to be used in other applications.

CDRs (or xDRs) generated by the system are extended and enriched with details of all events captured by network signaling, enabling a wide and deep analysis impossible to achieve in traditional billing records processes.

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