Network Troubleshooting

AsGa Sistemas’ Network Troubleshooting Solution

The Network Troubleshooting solution, by using signaling message analysis and network monitoring systems based on xDRs in real time, helps the carrier to quickly and accurately identify the network events. By providing a deep visualization up to the last level and information of signal bits, the solution comprises information analysis of consolidated registrations to data with the lowest granularity possible, enabling a definitive network problems troubleshooting and their quick solution.

Main benefits:

  • Analysis, sign message monitoring and decoding (MSUs)
  • Real-time call trace
  • Traffic mapping by Signaling link or Signaling link selection
  • Online and offline call trace through different protocols
  • SS7, SIGTRAN, NGN, GSM and GPRS signaling networks
  • Visualization of calls in progress or finished
  • Traffic visualization by Signaling link or Signaling link selection
  • Monitoring scheduling

Products and/or services comprised in this solution:

saga | xDR Explorer saga | Signaling Analysis saga Services | Telecom Analysis