Network Performance Management

AsGa Sistemas’ Network Performance Management Solution

AsGa Sistemas’ Network Performance Management solution enables the online monitoring of performance indicators calculated based on closed events’ xDRs captured directly from several networks, such as TDM, IN, NGN or GSM.

Main benefits:

  • Online and offline network performance management
  • Full visualization of the network and separate management of clients specifically assigned to control SLA
  • Customized search creation (Wizard)
  • Alarm system- Indicators history from customized rules
  • Information about trends on network behavior
  • Traffic indicators in erlangs
  • Integration for xDRs files transfer
  • Government Regulator indicators
  • Configuration of report presentations
  • Local development making customized processes easier
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Failure research through drill down among Software modules

Products and/or services comprised in this solution:

saga | GOLD saga Services | NOC saga Services | Telecom Analysis saga | xDR Explorer saga Services | Platform Operation