Landline and mobile convergence

AsGa Sistemas’ Landline and Mobile Convergence Solution

AsGa Sistemas’ Landline and Mobile Convergence solution enables the use of mobile terminal or user e-mail as an alternative caller-ID for landline, being able to inform all busy, missed, answered or outgoing calls in real time.

With internet access from friendly web interface, the solution provides a portal to set  the monitoring parameters of landline terminals and frequency and time preferences for notification, besides promoting a channel of direct relationship between carrier and customer.

The system has an integrated contact book which provides the easy identification of notifications, as well as the creation of contact groups to be notified when selected. In addition to the contact book, the Portal provides the customer with a history of all notified calls, by terminal number, period or call type.

Main benefits:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls notification by landline terminals via e-mail and SMS/cell phone
  • Immediate or consolidated notification by period
  • Integration with contact book
  • Monitoring more than one terminal per user
  • Customization of monitoring parameters
  • History of notification follow up by terminal
  • Recovery of lost traffic (busy tone or non-answered call)

Products and/or services comprised in this solution:

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