Corporate Customers Management

AsGa Sistemas’ Corporate Customers Management solution is forclients in the corporate market or large and medium-sized companies, enabling the carrier to provide the companies with the monitoring via Internet of their telephone terminals through search, alarms and reports of incoming or outgoing calls.One can monitor and control telephone calls by viewing record statements and alarms issuance via e-mail or SMS according to use criteria preset for each terminal. It is also possible to execute the centralized management of the company’s voice mail service by performance indicators defined by telecommunication manager and applied to company’s traffic.The system enables search scheduling, as well as the creation of a monthly or weekly report of the company’s terminal. This management feature aims at the customer’s loyalty, improving their relationship.

Main benefits:

  • Search with parameters in xDRs database
  • Management of individual, favorite and public search
  • Operational and management reports
  • Application of intelligent filters
  • Report exportation
  • Performance indicators set
  • Smart alarms system
  • User permission configuration
  • How can the costs of the relationship with the client be reduced without great investments?
  • How may client interactivity be increased, adding value to the carrier services?
  • How can the carrier giant database be used for strategic market analysis and new businesses?

Products and/or services comprised in this solution:

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