Information Support Management

Network information solution

A full AsGa Sistemas’ Network Information Solution provides:

  • Support in judicial requests
  • Support in regulatory Agency requests
  • Support to customerservices
  • Revenue Assurance research support


The Network Information solution provides tools for xDRs search with several applications, including the judicial requests management, regulatory agency management, PROCON (Bureau of consumer protection) or support to Contact Centers, submitting quick results and supporting integration between the customer service system and the legal interception system.

Main benefits:

  • Ability to process great xDRs volumes with high performance and efficiency
  • Integration flexibility with several customer service systems
  • Automated process, from the official request and creation of the respective protocol to the preparation of answers to authorities with preset templates.
  • Index system to optimize searches, enabling the answer to requests within legal terms
  • Creation of customized searches by region, unit, number, IMEI and others
  • Creation of access levels according to hierarchy
  • Interception platform integration
  • Scaling of processing capacity

Products and/or services comprised in this solution:

saga | xDR Tracer saga Services | Platform Operation